Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get permission to "enter a closed class" or "take a course as audit"?

If a student wants permission to "enter a closed class", the course instructor needs to do an override in LoboWeb. To take a course as an "audit," the student needs to submit a yellow card to the completed card to the Records Office in One-Stop, Mesa Vista North.

Where do I get permission to take more than 18 hours per semester?

Students who need permission to take more than 18 hours per semester (9 in summer) need to get permission from the student’s academic advisor.

Can I get permission to register/add a class after the deadline?

Yes. If a student wants permission to register/add a class after the deadline, they need to get signatures from the instructor and the Dean of the College in which the course is offered. The signatures need to be obtained on a "pink" card which the student can from the Records & Registration Office website. There is a $10.00 - $75.00 processing fee that is billed to the student's account. The completed card must be to the Records & Registration Office (One-Stop), Mesa Vista North, for processing within three days of obtaining the required signatures.

How do I register, add, drop, or withdraw from classes?

LOBO Web -- All students must register/drop/add/withdraw from classes using this system.  You must have a Net ID and password to access LOBO Web.  You may create a Net ID and password at the Net ID Website. If you are a first-time or readmitted student, you will have an orientation hold on your account. Students must complete New Student Orientation before this hold can be removed and you can register for classes.

What happens if I drop/withdraw during the first three weeks of the semester (for 16 week classes)?

Students who drop or withdraw from a class(es) prior to the deadline do not receive a grade for the course. If they withdraw, their transcript will say "withdrew" and the date. If they drop, the course will not appear on the transcript.

What happens if I drop/withdraw after the third week of the semester (for 16 week classes)?

Students who drop or withdraw after the deadline will receive a "W" in their class(es). The "W" means the student withdrew from the class after the third week of instruction. This grade will not have an impact on the student's grade point average.

During the "last day to drop from a course with Dean's approval," where do I go to drop?

Go to the Advisement Center of the college you are enrolled in for permission to drop. Most colleges require documentation to support your reason for dropping a course. Student withdrawing from "all" classes after the 12th week (for 16 week courses) of school, will need to get approval from the Dean of Students Office.  If withdrawing from all courses prior to the 12th week, students should utilize LOBO Web.

What if I can?t get into LOBO Web?

First make sure you have followed the instructions listed on the my.unm.edu page. If you are still not able to get in, visit studentinfo.unm.edu  for guidance or call 505-277-5757. 

If I withdraw from UNM, do I have to reapply when I am ready to come back?
If you come back within three semesters you do not need to reapply. Withdrawing only takes you out of the current semester, but does not affect your ability to enroll the following semester. If you do not return within three semesters, which includes the summer semester, you will need to reapply for re-admission through the Admissions Office (One-Stop) Mesa Vista Hall or 505-277-8900.
If I withdraw, how do I obtain pre-registration materials?

Students who withdraw from a semester will need to visit LOBO Web for Registration details.

How do I get an "incomplete?"

If a student wants to receive an "incomplete" in their class(es), they need to discuss it with their instructor(s). If the instructor(s) assigns an "incomplete" the student needs to complete whatever work the instructor requires. The instructor will submit an "I" on the grade report. Incomplete grades must be resolved no later than one year (twelve months) from the published end day of the semester in which the grade was assigned. Incomplete grades not resolved within the time frame stated in this policy will be converted automatically to an IF (failing) grade. The student is responsible for making arrangements with the instructor for resolving an incomplete grade.

Where can I get information on Tuition Refunds?

Questions regarding tuition refunds for medical (family or personal), death in the family or military reasons would be directed to the Dean of Students Office. All other questions regarding tuition refunds need to be directed to the Bursar's Office, University Advisement and Enrichment Center, Room 160, 505-277-5363.

Can I get a refund from my courses if I have been activated by the military?

Yes, you can. Please see the Military Withdrawal Policy and contact the Dean of Students Office 505-277-3361.

If I am absent from class, what should I do?

If your absence is for a valid reason (medical, some other family emergency, jury duty, etc.), the Dean of Students Office can notify your professors of the absence should the absence be longer than five days. We will need some type of verification of the situation and our notification does not mean you have been excused from your class -- ONLY THE PROFESSOR CAN EXCUSE YOUR ABSENCE! Besides informing our office, you will need to speak to your professor regarding your absence. Please see Absences listed on this site.

If I have to turn in something late, what should I do?

You should take advantage of your professor's office hours, so that you can speak to him/her about your situation. Most professors are flexible as long as you are truly concerned about your performance and have a valid reason why you might need an extension on a paper/project.

What if I am not doing well in my class?

There are many resources within UNM to help you. First and foremost, contact CAPS for tutoring services. It is best to ask for help as soon as you need it instead of waiting until you are too far behind to catch up. Contact El Centro de la RazaAmerican Indian Student ServicesAfrican American Student Services for mentoring opportunities. Most importantly, discuss your difficulties with your instructor for further advice as early as possible in the semester.

If I have a complaint regarding a grade in a class or how a professor is treating me, where should I go to have my complaint heard?

Students should first talk with the professor of the class. If they are not satisfied with the professor's decision, they should talk to the Chair of the Department that professor is under. If they are still not happy with the decision, they should talk to the Dean of the College the professor is under and the last appeal would be to the Provost. It is best to follow the "Academic Dispute Procedures" (Article 2 in the "Student Grievance Procedures") listed in the Student Handbook. If you are a Graduate student, you would need to follow the procedures outlined in the Graduate Student Grievance Procedureslisted in the online Student Handbook. You can come to the Dean of Student's Office if you need help with this process.

How do I get on the Dean's List?

Students should contact the Dean of your college for information regarding the Dean's List. 

How do I change my address with the University?

Through the Demographic Self-Service.

How do I establish New Mexico Residency?

If a student wants information on establishing New Mexico residency, they need to contact the Registrar's Office, Mesa Vista North One-Stop, 505-277-8900. 

Where can I get a letter verifying that I am a full-time student, or a letter verifying my GPA for a "good student discount"?

For a letter verifying full-time status, the student should go to the Records Office (One-Stop), Mesa Vista North, 505-277-8900. The student can also go to the Records Office for a "good student discount" insurance form that verifies their GPA and qualifies them for an insurance discount with various Insurance Companies.

Should I need a short term loan, does the Dean of Students Office offer any assistance?

Yes, you can apply for a loan in the Dean of Students Office, if you meet the 2.0 GPA requirement, have no more than $100 past due, have no other short-term loans out, are not a UNM Full-Time employee and meet our enrollment qualifications as described in the Short Term Loan page. Loans are typically available for pick up, granted you meet the requirements, after 2:00 p.m. the following business day. The loan cannot be used for books, room/board, or tuition.  Come in to the Dean of Students Office to fill out an application. Please see "Short Term Loan" listed on this site.

What if I need to get an emergency message to a student?

If an individual needs to get an emergency message to a student in class, the Student Activities Center, SUB Room 1018, 505-277-7872, can help. However, they will try to get a message to the student ONLY if it is an emergency.

Is there a campus lost and found?

Yes, it is at the UNM Police Department, 2500 Campus Blvd. NE, Hokona Hall, 505-277-2241. The Student Union Building also maintains a short-term lost and found. See the Welcome Desk for more information.

Are there any Notaries on campus?

Yes. Please see the list of Notaries On-Campus

Where can I get a Campus Tour?

Admissions & Recruitment Services administers campus tours.  You should book your campus tour at least one week prior to your visit at http://admissions.unm.edu/campus-tours/index.html. Please keep in mind that a campus tour does not replace a New Student Orientation Program, such as Lobo Orientation or the College Enrichment Program.

Where can I find the cost of course materials and textbooks?

For course material information and how to purchase, visitt the UNM Bookstore Textbook Website.