Dean of Students History

The Dean of Student's Office, once the single entity responsible for all of student life, has undergone major changes in the past thirty years. As universities expanded and became more accessible, the responsibilities, for example, of one Assistant Dean of Men who handled scholarships, became a large department known as Student Financial Aid while the Senior Student Affairs Officer became the Vice President for Student Affairs. What is now the Dean of Students Office at most large universities usually includes the remaining generalist responsibilities such as student withdrawal from the university during a semester, some short-term student loans, general counseling, advising and advocacy, and class absences. Such is the case at The University of New Mexico. Below is a timeline of the many Deans to serve UNM students and a representation of how the role has evolved over the last 110 years.


YearPosition TitleName
2016-PresentDean Of StudentsNasha Torrez
2016Interim Dean of StudentsJenna Crabb
2013-2015Dean of StudentsTomas A. Aguirre 
2010-2013Interim Dean of StudentsKim Kloeppel
2003-2009Dean of Students/Director of Residence LifeRandy Boeglin
1999-2003Associate VP for Student AffairsRandy Boeglin
1972-99Dean of StudentsKaren M. Glaser
1970-71Dean of MenCharles P. Roberts
1969-70Dean of StudentsHoward Mathany
1962-71Dean of WomenHelen Whiteside
1948-69Dean of MenHoward Mathany
1946-47Dean of Men/Director of Student PersonnelJabez Leland Bostwick
1936-46Dean of MenJabez Leland Bostwick
1929-62Dean of WomenLena C. Clauve
1929-36Dean of MenJay C. Knode
1928-29Adviser of WomenElizabeth Simpson
1927-29Dean of StudentsJohn D. Clark
1926-27Dean of MenJohn D. Clark
1922-27Supervisor of WomenWilma Loy Shelton
1920-22General Supervisor of WomenEdna Mosher
1913-14Dean of WomenMargaret Gleason
1911-13Dean of WomenNellie Dean
1909-10Dean of WomenDella J. Sisler