Our Mission

The Dean of Students Office is committed to creating opportunities for student success. We believe in a challenging and supportive institutional approach to the development of the whole student. 


  • We value integrity, empathy, transparency, and innovation.
  • We have served as our students' primary advocate at UNM for over 100 years, and have a deep respect and appreciation for the rich history and traditions of the Lobo community.
  • We celebrate diversity through inclusion and serve all students with respect, compassion, and absent of any judgment.
  • We believe that in order for students to achieve success, they must learn to self-regulate and self-manage.
  • We enrich the academic experience by engaging and involving students through authentic outreach and services.

Core Competencies

  • Our long-standing history and understanding of the UNM landscape provides us with the knowledge to educate students about campus resources, help students become UNM-savvy, and orient students toward the tools required for their success.
  • As members of the greater campus community, we collaborate with the whole university by utilizing our academic and institutional connections to help students build knowledge, develop marketable skills, and grow both personally and socially.
  • We are here to serve students and place a premium on providing exceptional customer service that is both compassionate and holistic.
  • As a team, our strengths include a wealth of diverse experiences, backgrounds, and institutional knowledge, thus equipping us to best serve students during critical moments.