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Welcome back Lobos! 

We are looking forward to classes starting on Tuesday, January 19.  (Note: The UNM Law School and some HSC programs have different start days—check with your school). The first week of classes will be delivered remotely to ensure a safe transition back to the semester for our community. Check your e-mail, UNMLearn, and the "Student Guide" section of and "Student Guide" on for important updates about your classes and the semester. 

Here are some tips for the semester ahead. 

Ask for help  

Every student will encounter personal setbacks in college, ranging from receiving an unexpected low grade, to being short on food or cash, to a family crisis. Students will often interpret a setback as a message that they don't belong in college, but, of course they belong in college and of course they should have the opportunity to stick with it and succeed. Here are some Lobos describing how they overcame setbacks: Lobos Belong in College.  

Here is a quick guide to free help at UNM, including food, emergency loans and crisis support ( 

Students who experience a setback in a class should contact an instructor politely requesting information and ideas about how to improve and requesting a meeting to discuss strategies for improvement. There are some instructors who won't be able to reply quickly, but the majority of instructors do respond with practical suggestions. 

All of us are struggling with keeping a positive outlook.  Students can find workshops and support tailored to them at  

Takeaway: Show your grit and intelligence by asking for help. 

Design a plan of action  

Use the assignment calendar in UNM Learn and the syllabi for their courses to plan your work weeks. Identify what is time-sensitive (exams, papers, homework, . . .) and what is required and has a regular rhythm (reading assignments, problem sets, zoom meetings, . . .). Remember: multi-tasking is less productive than concentrating on a single task; regular sleep makes, well, everything better, including mental health and class performance; regular exercise improves performance and outlook as well.  

Takeaway: set aside two hours at the end of the first week of classes to build a weekly work/play pattern and a semester schedule of deadlines. Set aside fifteen to thirty minutes a week after that for planning and time management. 

Build connections 

You are embedded in a university with opportunities for building new social networks. Set up regular study sessions with other Lobos, take advantage of sessions being offered by instructors, academic departments, and student resource centers. Go to office hours or "check-in" hours to introduce yourself to your instructors; explain where they think they might need help or why they are interested in a class.  

Get involved with activities and clubs to beat the sense of social isolation and learn something new.  We have one-on-one coaching in "get involved" meetings that will help Lobos find a compatible social group and clubs. These can be scheduled here:   

UNM is creating Lobo Social Packs, that comply with State of New Mexico and UNM covid safe practices, to match students up and increase social and involvement opportunities.  Packs will participate a mix of virtual and in-person activities like trips to get dessert together at Rude Boy Cookies and Freddy's, game nights, eating at LaPo together, attending campus events (Drag Bingo, Craft Nights, Movie Nights, and more), work outs at Johnson Gym, and more.  Social packs will allow you to meet more people and connect with campus life. Find the form here to join a Lobo Social Pack. 

Takeaway: set up at least one meeting (study session, check-in with an instructor, get involved meeting, club meeting, social pack ...) at the beginning of the semester and in the middle of the semester. 

Choose the course delivery type that works 

You will be better at taking remote courses this semester because you learned some things about how to organize your time and keep yourself focused in the fall. Decide whether regularly scheduled or arranged classes work best for you. If you weren't comfortable in "remote arranged" and "Online Max" classes, work with their advisors to find  "remote scheduled" or "remote scheduled plus face-to-face" courses if your degree plan offers that flexibility. We are offering many more courses with regularly scheduled meetings than other types. 

Takeaway: find the course delivery that works best for you and know that you will be better at remote learning this semester because you have experience. 

BTW: You might want to check out this message from a fellow Lobo on what jello has to do with staying in college during Covid times. 


Best wishes for the semester ahead, 




Dr. Pamela Cheek 

Associate Provost for Student Success 




Dear Lobos,


In the days after the election the Dean of Students Office and LoboRESPECT Advocacy Center would like to remind students and the UNM community to be kind to yourself and to one another, seek resources, and report incidents.  If you see something, say something. #LoboRESPECT #ProtectThePack


Please see below the letters by President Frank and Vice President for Student Affairs, Cheo Torres. 




Dean of Students Office and LoboRESPECT Advocacy Center




President Frank's letter


Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016


What makes us different – makes us strong.


The University of New Mexico is a diverse campus and many of our students are feeling afraid and unsafe.


We will need time to process and address our feelings. UNM is not alone in this, across the nation and around the world communities are struggling.


As we take a moment to reflect, we remind ourselves that we are Lobos, and hold each other with respect, and support one another. We protect our pack.


We are grateful for the committed UNM community, where dedicated staff and faculty are coming together to support students and one another. The following link provides a listing of resources available on our campus today as we continue to work toward building an inclusive campus where differences are honored.


Now, more than ever, we must continue the difficult conversations, find our voices, listen conscientiously to different viewpoints, and find a way to move forward together, united by our commitment toward compassion and respect for each other.  Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion has not changed and continues to drive us.


We issue a reminder that any incidents of hate or bias against any members of our community, are against our values as a university and our respectful campus policy.  If you experience or witness any acts of hate or bias, we urge you to report them at the Office for Equal Opportunity, the LoboRESPECT Advocacy Center or via the on-line form


Students are also encouraged to download LoboGuardian, a technology-driven app designed to increase user safety through real-time interactive features that create a virtual safety network of friends and family, which connects the user with the UNM Police Department with the touch of a button. The UNM PD also offers safety escort services to anyone needing a safety escort from an on-campus location to another on-campus location 24 hours, 7 days a week. Call 277-2241 for more information.


We must continue to work together, collaborate and find common ground despite our differences to ensure that our country and university remain a place where we can all learn, live and thrive. Over the next few weeks, we will engage in a series of activities to encourage all Lobos to be respectful and kind to one another.


UNM will continue to strive for inclusive excellence and firmly believes that what makes us different, makes us strong – LOBO STRONG.

If you need support, please reach out. We are providing a range of resources and sharing messages from other campus leaders below.


Other Campus messages:




Vice President for Student Affairs' letter

(A video version of message can be seen at )



Dear Students and members of the UNM community,



The recent presidential election results, subsequent defacing of UNM campus buildings, and verbal expressions of anger and hostility have left many of our students and the UNM community feeling unsafe, devalued, and marginalized.  As a community, we need encourage kindness, integrity, and respect for each other.  


The University of New Mexico is proud to be a diverse and welcoming place for students, faculty and staff who come from a wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. I want students and the UNM community to know that the Division of Student Affairs remains absolutely committed to supporting ALL members of our community and adhering to the University’s principles against intolerance. 


I want students to know that we support those who are struggling with a wide range of legitimate emotional reactions with regard to this election outcome.  Student Affairs continues to be committed to providing support for those students who need to talk, are seeking counseling, or a space to feel safe in.  Our Student Health and Counseling center offers counseling services for our students who need them, and all three of our Ethnic Centers:  African American Student Services, American Indian Student Services, and El Centro de la Raza; the Women’s Resource Center, the Dean of Students Office, and the College Enrichment and Outreach Programs, as well as the LGBTQ Resource Center and Division for Equity and Inclusion, and the Office of Equal Opportunity provide a safe space for students to talk about their emotions and be themselves.  I encourage students to please reach out to any of these departments should you feel you need to.  We are here to support you. 


I want you to also remember that the results of the election don’t stop the important work that Student Affairs is doing including increasing degree progress and completion for all students.  It doesn't'’t stop the work we are doing to engage and support students in difficult conversations about race, gender identity, religion and sexual orientation.  It doesn't'’t stop our need to support undocumented students on our campus.  It just makes our work more important.  


UNM Counseling and Reporting Resources


Student Health and Counseling 

After Hours Crisis Counselor (505) 277-3136 option 3

Student Health and Counseling



Advocacy Center Hotline (505) 277-2911

LoboRESPECT report an incident


Dean of Students Office

Lobo Guardian

Hate/Bias Reporting Form


Agora Crisis Center (volunteer based crisis hotline)

(505) 277-3013


Student Affairs Campus Resources


African American Student Services

(505) 277-5645


American Indian Student Services

(505) 277-6343


College Enrichment and Outreach Programs

(505) 277-5321


El Centro de la Raza

(505) 277-5020



(505) 277-5428


UNM Police

On Campus Escorts

(505) 277-2241


Women’s Resource Center

(505) 277-3716




Eliseo (Cheo) Torres

Vice President of Student Affairs

University of New Mexico

MSC05 3410 Scholes Hall 229

Albuquerque, NM 87131-2001

(505) 277-0952

Fax (505) 277-6099



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