Short-Term Loans

Need money quickly for rent, a car repair, an unexpected medical bill, or other emergencies? Short-Term Loans can be a resource for Lobos in need of funds to cover these basic needs and emergency expenses. This can be a lower-risk alternative to emergency loan options in the community.

Applications are reviewed Monday - Friday during regular business hours. Please contact our office if you have any questions or would like pre-application advisement.


As of 4/15/2024, we are no longer processing loans for the Spring 2024 semester. All loans will be processed for the Summer 2024 semester until further notice.
A Service Charge of 7% is added to all loans when processed. If requesting the full $800.00, the Service Charge is $56.00. 

Please read the following information before beginning your application:

Receiving a Short-Term Loan may impact your ability to register for classes depending on the part of the term, your past due balance, and other factors. For example, a prior semester balance may result in a student's disenrollment from classes after the Enrollment Cancellation deadline. Registration holds are also possible. Please evaluate the impact of a Short-Term Loan prior to applying. Dean of Students Office staff can assist you if you have any questions.


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Eligibility Requirements

  • A 2.0 or higher GPA
  • Current enrollment at UNM for at least 6 hours*
  • Past due balance in Bursar’s must be less than $200.00

Additional Eligibility Information

  • New/transfer students who do not have a UNM GPA are not eligible for Short-Term Loans before the semester census date. Please see for current semester dates.
  • Regular full or part-time UNM faculty or staff members earning benefits are not eligible for a Short-Term Loan (student employees and work-study students are eligible).
  • Students at UNM Main and Branch Campuses are eligible.

Emergency Scholarship

The Dean of Students Office offers an Emergency Scholarship in conjunction with the Short-Term Loan Program. Students must apply for and be fully eligible for a Short-Term Loan in order to be considered for the scholarship. Please contact our office if you have any questions about the scholarship.


Our staff will review your application within 2 business days. You will receive a notice of eligibility via email, along with helpful application instructions and the link to final paperwork. Once fully submitted and approved, we will provide your due date and let you know when your loan will be processed. You can expect your loan disbursement within 24-72 hours once received by the Bursar's Office unless direct deposit information is unavailable. Students who do not have current direct deposit information may receive a check in the mail approximately 2 weeks after loan approval. Please note: weekend deposits may take an additional 24 hours depending on your bank.
Short-Term Loans and the associated 7% service charge must be repaid within a minimum of 45 days from the processing date. Loans may be paid back any time up to the due date. You can pay back your short-term loan through any of the payment methods offered by the Bursar's Office. Sources of Financial Aid that do not specify the type of charges that will be covered may automatically pay back your Short-Term Loan when applied to your Bursar's account. The Dean of Students Office does not accept payment for short-term loans.
A 1.2% monthly  past-due fee will be added to your remaining balance. Unpaid short-term loan balances may result in disenrollment after the Enrollment Cancellation deadline. Extended periods of non-payment may result in bills being sent to collections. Please contact the Bursar's Office at (505) 277-5363 if you have any questions about the impact of missing your due date.
Yes, $800.00 is the maximum loan amount. However, you may request any amount up to $800.00. We encourage students to request only what they need to cover their emergency.
This loan is designed to be used during emergencies for expenses such as rent, car payments/repairs, medical bills, travel, etc.** Short-Term Loans may not be used to pay your Bursar's Account.
No, only one short-term loan may be taken out at a time. Past loans must be repaid in full prior to any future applications.
Students may take out two loans per semester as long as past loans are paid in full before applying. Eligibility may change depending on the semester.*

Loan Privileges

Our staff, at any time during the application process, may request additional information regarding your application or your answers in response to the questions on our loan forms. Misuse of the Short-Term Loan program will result in an immediate denial of your application and may result in the removal of your Short-Term Loan privileges. 

Misuse of the Short-Term Loan program may include, but is not limited to:  

  • Use of funds to pay back your Bursar’s bill  
  • Course enrollment in order to be eligible for a loan, without the intention of remaining in those courses 
  • Use of funds by another person, including UNM students, family, or friends**

Should you be denied the privilege of requesting future loans, you may appeal our decision in the form of a written appeal to the Associate Dean of Student Wellbeing which includes: 

  • A detailed and immediate reason for requesting a reinstatement of loan privileges 
  • An explanation for why you believe your privileges were revoked and your agreement to avoid repeating this in the future 
  • Explicit acknowledgement of all terms associated with the Short-Term Loan program 

If, after submitting a formal appeal, our original decision is sustained, that decision will be final while you attend UNM and will no longer be eligible for appeal. 

Please contact the Dean of Students Office at or (505) 277-3361 if you have accessibility needs or cannot complete the online application form. 

*During the summer a student must be either enrolled in a minimum of 3 credit hours for the summer semester or six hours for the upcoming fall semester.
*Between semesters, a student must be enrolled for the upcoming semester.

**Under certain circumstances, funds may be approved for expenses that are not your own but directly benefit your ability to pursue your higher education. These expenses may include requests for funds that will help you maintain your housing, such as housing provided by a family member or guardian, and other basic necessities such as transportation, groceries for your family/household, etc.  

Updated 4/15/2024