Meet Our Staff

The Dean of Students Office (DOS) values its diverse student population and tries to meet its students’ needs by providing a variety of services, programs, information, and opportunities. We are a central point of contact for students to resolve issues, further explain the policies and procedures of UNM, and identify resources throughout the campus.

The Accessibility Resource Center, the Student Activities Center, and the Veteran & Military Resource Center are part of the Dean of Students team. We work together with the entire Division of Student Affairs to bring quality student services that improve our campus and student experience.


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Dean of Students - Nasha Torrez, J.D.

Administrative Support & General

Timothy Carlton-McQueen - Administrative Assistant 2

Office Assistants

Marketing Assistant

Rights & Responsibilities

Paula Smith - Associate Dean of Student Rights & Responsibilities

Angela Graham - Associate Student Conduct Officer

J.P. Cordova - Associate Student Conduct Officer

Student Conduct Specialist

Student Wellbeing

Greg Golden - Associate Dean of Student Wellbeing

Jose Samuel Lechuga - CARE Program Specialist

Margaret White - Case Manager/Social Worker

Miquela Ortiz-Upston - Social Worker

Graeme Nicholl - Program Coordinator

LoboRESPECT Advocacy Center

Lisa Lindquist - Director | Coordinator, Office of Parents & Families

Julia Egger - Campus Advocate

Amanda Martinez - Basic Needs Specialist

Horatio Alexander - Program Coordinator

Brooklyn Gray - Graduate Assistant

Student Support Staff

Center for Financial Capability

Solomon Gbara - Director

Ria Schultz - Assistant Director

Michael Martinez - Graduate Assistant