Respondent Support Services


The University of New Mexico aims to create a safe learning environment for all students. Should a student be identified as a respondent  by Compliance Ethics and Equal Opportunity during an investigation, respondents are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students Office to enquire about Respondent Support Services.  The Dean of Students Office is located in the University Advisement and Enrichment Center, Room 281. The Dean of Students Office can be contacted at (505) 277-3361.

The key elements of the respondent support services include:

  • Attend meetings (investigative conversations, housing removal/relocation discussions, resolution agreement discussions, e.g.) as a support person
  • Review documents and materials from investigation, final report, and sanctioning decisions as requested
  • Manage academic, housing, access to dining facilities and interim safety measures as requested by respondent
  • Provide information and referral to university and community based resources for additional support needs.
  • Supporting and connecting respondents with on-campus and off-campus resources
  • Assist with Academic Supportive Measures*
  • Provide general support and a safe listening space**

The respondent support services cannot do the following:

  • Advocate on behalf a respondent
  • Be a confidential resource**
  • Confidential resources for respondents include UNM Student Health and Counseling (SHAC)
  • Provide Legal advice
  • Legal advice should be sought through an attorney
  • Provide responses for students when being addressed by Compliance Ethics and Equal Opportunity
  • Provide statements on behalf of students directed to Compliance Ethics and Equal Opportunity

* A note on Academic Support Measures: UNM Staff or faculty assisting a respondent cannot guarantee that academic support measures will be provided by instructors/faculty.

**A note on confidentiality: UNM Staff or faculty assisting a respondent cannot and should not guarantee confidentiality. If a respondent discloses relevant information pertaining to an investigation or a potential UNM policy violation, UNM Staff or faculty assisting a respondent will be obligated to report this information to Compliance Ethics and Equal Opportunity.

You can anticipate from a University Respondent Support Person that they:

  • Will treat respondent with respect, dignity, and sensitivity throughout the process as you seek services from a university advocate
  • Will consider all facts you share with them when providing you with appropriate resources and information
  • Seek to help respondent with a client-centered approach
  • Are not confidential/anonymous reporters, however will keep information provided as confidential as possible
  • Provides support before, during, and after an investigation
  • Explains university policy and procedures including supportive measures and safety measures
  • Connects respondent to campus and community resources
  • Helps to explain university vs. criminal procedures
  • Informs how to recognize and report retaliation for their involvement in the investigation

Contact the Dean of Students Office for information about Respondent Support Services and ask for Greg Golden.

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